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MD's Message


On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management I welcome you to the website of Eximguaranty Company (GH) Limited and encourage you to access the services of Exim either directly or through your bankers.

Eximguaranty Company (Ghana) Limited has been positioned over the years to support short, medium and long term credit requests to Banks from mainly viable and well structured small and medium enterprises. This intermediation capability has a positive impact on general business growth in the country, since it increases the credit portfolio of Banks for the benefit of SMEs.

Our ability to deliver professional business advisory services to our target group provides additional advantage to the services provided. Recent Partnerships created with both local Banks and some other Non-Banking Financial institutions has created deep awareness of the relevance of the Credit Underwriting business. We work with Banks, contractors and other technical service providers. The business sectors covered by our business are in the areas of Manufacturing; Exporting; Agricultural Processing; Construction and other Service Industries.

There is now an improved platform for working with our key clients and we are also able to link up with the Guarantee Fund for Private Investments in West Africa (GARI) to leverage higher credit amounts to the maximum limit of $2.0 million per business.

Our website provides valuable information about our products & services and other relevant information. It is my hope that you spend adequate time on here and enjoy doing so. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Mrs. Priscilla Budu,
Ag. Managing Director


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