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Mission, Vision, Core Values


Our Vision

"To play a leading role in the emerging credit guarantee market".

Our Mission

"To facilitate the flow of credit to SMEs by providing credit guarantees and general financial risk management solutions. We will achieve this by using innovative instruments and highly motivated staff while providing a return to our shareholders".


» To assist the banks and non-banking financial institution to extend credit facilities to borrowers who may have inadequate or no collateral.
» To provide internal and external guarantees to approved financial institutions in the disbursement of foreign credit lines.
» To provide mechanism through which agriculture products, (perishable and/or non-perishable) can be financed, coordinated and marketed.
» To provide an insurance cover for export proceeds.
» To provide refinance facilities for eligible financial institution to support rural economic activities and producers of non-traditional export commodities.
» Manage Trust Funds.

Core Values

Timeliness, Efficiency, Integrity and Credibility are our hallmarks.

We believe in Transparency and Free-flow of information.

Team Work:
Our strength will be derived from continued co-operation, Tolerance and Mutual respect for all.

Customer Care:
Customer satisfaction is the heart of our business

Our common responsibility lies in the efficient use of resources, protection of our values and image and in strong employee loyalty and high confidentiality standards.



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