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  • Exim Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who benefits from Exim's Credit Guarantee Cover?

    Exim's Credit Guarantee Covers are designed to benefit the SME in Ghana through impacting

    » The Banking and Financial sector in Ghana under the Credit Guarantee Scheme, to enable them provide financing to SMEs with Exim's Guarantee Covers.

    » Ghanaian exporters to enable them access export pre finance facilities to execute export orders.

  • Does Exim grant loans to SME's?

    Exim does not grant loans directly to SMEs but facilitates the opportunity for SMEs to get appropriate credit necessary for their projects through Banks and Other Lending Institutions.

  • What are the sectors guaranteed by Exim?

    » Agro-Business and related activities (agro-processing, preservation of perishable products, export of nontraditional products, repairs and servicing of agricultural machinery and equipment, poultry and livestock farming, marine and fresh water fishing)

    » Manufacturing Industry

    » Artisanal works

    » Service Industry including Tourism, Information technology, Medical; and Related Services etc

    » Firms engaged in road construction and civil works

    » Firms engaged in bonded warehousing services

  • Which Enterprises/Business qualify for Exim's Product & Services

    They are:

    Existing Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises operating in Ghana & owned by the private sector. Such Enterprises/Businesses need to be productive in nature with total fixed assets (excluding land) not exceeding US$ 2,000,000 or its cedi equivalent.

    Micro or Owner operated enterprises with total fixed asset (excluding land) not exceeding US$ 100,000 or its cedi equivalent.

  • What does Exim charge for its services?

    Exim charges guarantee commission and processing fees.

  • What is the extent of Exim's Gurantee Cover? and How is the guarantee process performed?

    In order to enhance the opportunity for small and medium-sized projects to obtain the needed credit, Exim guarantees up to 75% of the loans approved by the banks.

    The loan application is submitted by the borrower to the Bank/Lending institution which appraises the project and completes a prescribed Exim Application form with the requisite information.

    Financial Institution then forwards the completed application form to Exim which reviews the application thoroughly and then provides a response to the Lending Institution.

    Lending Institution then gives feedback to applicants (borrower)

  • What is the loan period to be guaranteed by Eximguaranty?

    The loan period is for short-long term. This period is determined according to the nature of the project, its life time, the cash flows and associated financial data.

  • What are the non-eligible sectors for Exim's Credit Guarantee cover?

    Import trade involving consumer goods, commercial businesses, and refinancing of already outstanding loan or loan rescheduling

  • What is the relationship between Exim and the Banks/NBFIs?

    Exim supports the Banks/NBFIs to give loans to SMEs by issuing Credit Guarantees to the banks. We therefore collaborate together to facilitate the flow of credit to SMEs.

  • Do you have offices located in the other regions?

    We have an office located in the Ashanti Region serving Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions. We also have an office coming up in 2012 in Western Region serving Central and Western Regions. The Head Office in Accra serves Greater Accra, Eastern and Volta Regions.

  • I am a start-up business; do l qualify for any of your products?

    We support start-up businesses. Exim will provide a Credit Guarantee to a Bank/NBFI that is advancing a loan to your business provided your business falls within our eligible business sectors. You can also apply directly to Exim for Bid Bonds, Advance Mobilization and Payment Guarantee, Performance Bond etc.

  • Which banks does Exim deal with?

    Exim deals with all the Banks/NBFIs who are licensed by the Central Bank of Ghana.

  • How many days does it take to process an application?

    If all relevant information is provided to Exim, applications for Credit Guarantees will take up to fourteen (14) working days (2 weeks). The other products will take between two to fourteen days depending on provision of adequate information by the client.

  • What is the procedure for applying for Credit Guarantee?

    You have to contact your bankers for the facility so far as your business falls within our eligible business sectors, the bank after their analysis and approval of the loan will then have to write to us on your behalf for the guarantee, adding an appraisal letter and filling a standard form which can be found on our website. After receiving your request from the bank we also analyse it and respond accordingly.

  • I have already taken a loan from a Bank and wish to apply for another loan. Can Exim guarantee this new loan?

    If only the bank appraises your second loan application and approves it. Exim can guarantee this second loan when the Bank/NBFI applies to Exim for a Credit Guarantee.

  • Does Exim take collateral for a Credit Guarantee?

    We do not take collateral for issuing Credit Guarantee to a Bank. The bank is required to take some collateral from the client before Exim can give a Credit Guarantee to the bank in favour of the client in question.

  • Do l need to be a customer of Exim before applying for any of your products?

    You do not need to be an existing client of Exim to apply for any of our products. You only need to satisfy the conditions for any of our products.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount Exim Guarantee for?

    Exim guarantees up to GH¢3.3 million for any Credit Guarantee request from the banks/NBFIs.

  • What is the procedure for applying for Bid bond, Performance and Advance Mobilisation Guarantee, Seed Fund Guarantee etc

    For our other products apart from Credit Guarantee, client need to visit our offices and pick up a list of requirements or better still check on our website for our requirements and add a cover letter.

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